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Chevron Garden Fencing Dorset


Are you looking to erect a new fence in your garden? Here at Simon Clark Fencing, we’ve been providing quality fencing solutions to customers for over 20 years. We supply a selection of excellent domestic options, like the best chevron garden fencing Dorset has to offer. And thanks to our professional installation service, we’ll have your new fence erected in no time. You just have to call 07966 542 212 to get started.

Discover Chevron Garden Fencing in Dorset Today

Ask any homeowner, and they’ll tell you that no back garden should ever be complete without a fence. While the front garden is often more for show, the back garden is where you retreat to relax alone or spend time with the family. But a fence is more than just a barrier for privacy; it can provide shade, keep out unwanted guests, and define the outer boundary of your property. And when you go for something like chevron garden fencing, Dorset customers, it can look aesthetically pleasing too.

For years, we’ve supplied Dorset chevron garden fencing along with other great fencing types, such as:

  • Hit & Miss Horizontal
  • Paliframe
  • Venetian
  • Palisade
  • Jaktop

If you’d like to hear more about our domestic fencing service, keep reading or give Simon Clark Fencing a call.

Your Go-To Experts for Chevron Garden Fencing, Dorset Customers

To get started, give our team a call to arrange a face-to-face discussion. We’ll talk you through the available options, including our chevron garden fencing. In Dorset, our team are always available to provide a fast and efficient service. Genuine quality is all but assured as too is affordability so if you’re convinced following our consultation, will present you with a FREE, no-obligation quote.

If you accept, the next step is installation of your new chevron garden fencing. Dorset customers, we go the extra mile to provide you with a complete service. This begins with us dismantling and removing your old fence from your property. The next step is to ensure that the groundworks are up to standard before installing the fence panels and posts. We ensure that all posts are sunk firmly into the ground to prevent the fence from toppling or being blown over in high winds.

As for your old fence, we’ll recycle this in-line with our initiative to be an environmentally responsible fencing contractor in Dorset. Chevron garden fencing is a gorgeous addition as it looks excellent on both sides. It’ll remain standing for many years, but if something should happen to it, know that we’re on hand to help.

Onsite Repairs

In the event that your fencing has been damaged by weather or vandals, you can trust in our team to help. The fence itself may not be beyond repair and simply need resetting in the ground, and new panels added. To get started, it’s as simple as phoning our team – we offer instant quotations and onsite repairs that’ll have your fence restored to full capacity in no time.

If you’d like to find out more about our chevron garden fencing, Dorset customers need only call Simon Clark Fencing on 07966 542 212.

Proud to Provide Dorset Chevron Garden Fencing of the Highest Quality

For more than 20 years, Simon Clark Fencing has stood as a proud provider of the very best chevron garden fencing Dorset has seen. Our fencing has even been featured in publications like Fencing & Landscaping News, so you know you’re getting a quality product. Thanks to our skilled workmanship and competitive prices, your satisfaction is all but guaranteed.

We offer a huge range of products, styles, and materials; so, whatever look you wish to achieve for your garden, we’re the team to call. And not only do we provide domestic options like our chevron garden fencing, in Dorset, we offer commercial and agricultural options too. And no matter your requirements, you can expect high-quality results and professional service across the board.


So, if you’re in the market for chevron garden fencing, Dorset customers, give Simon Clark Fencing a call today on 07966 542 212. You can also email us at or complete our online contact form.

If You Have Any Questions Or Would Like A Quote Please Contact Me Today!