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Domestic Fencing Bournemouth


Domestic Fencing Bournemouth

For the highest quality domestic fencing Bournemouth can offer, there is only company that you need to call and that is Simon Clark Fencing. We are a well-known family operated local provider of a variety of different types of fencing. Call us today on 07966 542 212 for your FREE quote.

Our Bournemouth domestic fencing services

Before Simon Clark Fencing commences with any domestic fencing Bournemouth work, we will offer you a quotation that is completely free of charge. You really have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us and arranging this now. We will agree a time that’s suitable for you and visit your site to see exactly what’s required. We guarantee that we will beat any like to like quotation that you have been offered in the past.

As part of our comprehensive domestic fencing Bournemouth service, Simon Clark Fencing will always remove your old fencing or gates. This is already included within our service price and you won’t be charged an additional removal fee. You can rest assured knowing that the old materials will always be recycled in our effort to protect the environment.

Here at Simon Clark Fencing, we have a number of available domestic fencing Bournemouth panels. Please visit our gallery for some high quality images of fencing we have fitted in the past. You will be able to choose any of the options we have listed below for your property. If you have a speciality requirement, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re confident that we can work towards a suitable solution together. Meanwhile, we can readily offer:

  • Chevron garden fencing panels – For a great visual appearance on both sides.
  • Hit and miss horizontal garden fencing panels – Excellent for allowing wind to pass through.
  • Hit and miss vertical garden fencing panels – Same as above with a different construction.
  • Jaktop garden fencing panels – Striking criss-cross fencing design.
  • Paliframe garden fencing panels – Ideal for creating light and airy gardens.
  • Palisade garden fencing panels – Available with either rounded or pointed tops.
  • Railing toppers – This option is best suitable if you need extra security that traditional options can’t provide.
  • Trellis fencing – We have a variety of different designs of trellis fencing to choose from.
  • Venetian garden fencing panels – Horizontal and attractive looking classic.

Why choose Simon Clark Fencing for your domestic fencing in Bournemouth?

Simon Clark Fencing has more than 20 years of experience with domestic fencing in Bournemouth. We are a family run business whose aim is to solve any fencing problems and offer the most comprehensive service available in the area. We have built a great reputation over the years for offering a service that is of the highest quality, quickly completed and very competitively priced.

We are confident that you will be satisfied when you choose Simon Clark Fencing as the providers of your domestic fencing in Bournemouth. Our packages are priced in a way that is market appropriate and cost effective in the long term. Regardless of what type of fencing your property requires, we’re sure that we can offer you a suitable solution that will last for years to come and will also remain visually pleasing.

There is no other provider of domestic fencing Bournemouth who can compete with the professionalism that Simon Clark Fencing brings to the table. We will be able to supply a huge range of products and materials in any style that our client requests. All items are manufactured by trustworthy brands and can match any aesthetic requirements regardless of whether you’re hiring us to work on your private home or a commercial business.

On top of our well-known domestic fencing Bournemouth service, Simon Clark Fencing has experience with a wide variety of other types of work including all of the following:

Contact our Bournemouth domestic fencing team today

To book your Bournemouth domestic fencing service or request a quotation, give us a call anytime on 07966 542 212. You can also get in touch with us by filling out the simple form on our Contact Me page or sending your written enquiry via e-mail over to

If You Have Any Questions Or Would Like A Quote Please Contact Me Today!